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Episode 3

Cold & Flu

It was the middle of winter, and cold and flu season was in full swing. We had been tipped off that a local New Yorker was about to catch a cold. And we weren't going to let that happen without a fight. We quickly packed our briefcase full of supplies and flew to his house. We knew that ginger shots were our best chance against this nasty bug, so we were going to make sure that he got them! In the end, we managed to stop the cold and flu in their tracks. In fact, the original idea for our product came as a natural remedy against cold and flu. And who knows? Maybe our little invention will help people all around the world stay healthy during flu season! Watch this funny commercial about a new type of wellness shot. It's made of ginger and it could help you beat your cold and flu!

Episode 2


The meeting was set for a dark, smoky parkin lot in the heart of the New York City. The local mafia had heard about our ginger shots and were very intrigued. They wanted to try some for themselves and see if our product was as good as we claimed. As soon as they arrived, they were surprised by how delicious our ginger shots were. They quickly downed the entire case and couldn't get enough! Our ginger shots had left them wanting more and they would definitely be back for more ginger shots.